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Gorgeous Tree Lighting at Caer Rhun Hall

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Gorgeous Tree Lighting at Caer Rhun Hall brings night time magic to North Wales Music Festival

Illuminated Events recently supplied all of the site and atmospheric lighting at an exclusive boutique music festival, held in the grounds of the historic Caer Rhun Hall, country manor in the Conwy Valley, North Wales.
The outdoor lighting package we provided included tree lights, building up-lighting, site safety lights and several miles of festoon lighting and power cabling, which when all in place and switched on, created an amazing magical after dark experience for the festival audience to immerse their senses.


Festoon lighting for a warm and friendly atmosphere

Let’s start with the festoon lighting. Illuminated Events supplied and installed a full festoon lighting package all around the grounds of Caer Rhun Hall, to highlight the perimeter of the festival site and illuminate the public access routes and pathways. We installed literally miles of our huge hire stock of festoon lighting.
We used a combination of our warm white, vintage filament Edison bulb festoon and coloured LED golf ball lamp festoon lighting to create a warm and friendly after dark atmosphere wherever you went around the Caer Rhun Estate.

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New light on a historic house.

Usually used as a wedding venue, the historic Caer Rhun Hall manor house dating back to the 19th century was brought to life in a magical new light.
In a colourful after dark spectacle, the Car Rhun Hall manor house was uplit by our I-pix and Chauvet IP65 LED flood lights.
A rich mix of alternating red and green uplighting emphasised the Elizabethan style stepped gables and leaded glass bay windows, bringing the house to life like never seen before.

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Gorgeous Illuminated Trees

The tall trees around the perimeter of the main festival site at Caer Rhun Hall were up-lit by our exterior twin head LED city colour lights.
The grand tree trunks and leaf covered canopies were illuminated in red, orange and green to create a lovely night – time glow.
The tree lighting really brought the festival to life with a magical otherworldly atmosphere, like a scene from a fairy-tale.

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The main focal point of the festival site was the amazing, huge Lebanese cedar tree dating back to the 19th century.
This tree is truly beautiful and makes a spectacular centre-piece to have at a festival.
We thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of lighting this amazing tree.

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Using a combination of our Citycolor exterior flood lights, controlled with our Avolites wireless DMX system, this grand historic tree came in to its own and looked truly amazing.
The colour and depth that could be seen in the tree brought it to life like never seen before. Just look at the pictures and see for yourself.
Under the grand canopy of this huge elegant tree, we rigged vintage bulb festoon lighting to create a warm and magical atmosphere for the audience to enjoy.

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Light Strings and Ball lanterns

All around the festival site we added extra details with illumination, to add to the surreal and magical, fairy-tale world we had created.
We put some of our red and white hanging ball lanterns in some of the large trees, which looked great in the day time and then at night looked just magical.
Bushes and shrubs were dressed with our connectable warm white LED light strings to make them glow vibrantly, adding to the warm atmosphere.
Wherever you went the entire festival was subtly illuminated with gorgeous shades of colour.

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Creating an otherworldly atmosphere

It was a starry night with clear skies and an almost full moon glistening through the majestic trees.
The multitude of colourful lighting on the trees, the manor house and all around the festival site with all their subtle colours, created a surreal otherworldly illuminated atmosphere.
Being at the festival after dark was like being in a dream, surrounded by beautiful slowly changing shades of colour.

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This was truly a night to remember and an unforgettable lighting experience for us, which we thoroughly enjoyed creating and immersing ourselves within.